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About me

Jochem Smit is a location sound recordist and boom operator located in the Netherlands for feature film, documentary and commercial movies. He graduated as a Sounddesign student from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2018. 


My education in Sounddesign is a very important guide on the road to high quality sound recording. Understanding the needs and bottlenecks of the post-production is essential when making the right decisions as a head of department or boom operator to support the film production. My motivation and challenge when recording sound for picture is catching ready to cut isolated dialog or uninterrupted atmospherical recordings with minimal influence on the other departments. 


It is essential to choose for high quality sound recording since dialog pronounced by actors in fiction or characters in documentary offers a lot of emotional sense that gives the viewer and listener experience and compassion for the scenes and the story.


I have a complete sound recording kit with boom, wireless mic’s, timecode and wireless monitoring always ready to use. Despite of that I always make sure that every production gets a bespoke plan of action and equipment. 


Feel free to contact me or request a sales quotation!

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